There once was a very naughty underground webcomic known as Rasputin Catamite 1990, that started back in April 13th, 2006.  It was only supposed to be a seven day project, but it developed an unexpected cult following. Alas, as RaspCat became better known, it went mainstream-ish and cleaner, mostly as an effort to appease angry parents-in-law.  It was a sad day for crude humor.

Nearly ten years later after RaspCat’s creation, creator Vas stopped giving a fuck. Together with Ram the artist guy, the old formula of grody feeltheness, ‘zinesterism and clever satire disguised as mindless smuttery, has been lovingly restored, except with art that didn’t take five minutes to make or recycled frames.  It’s not really pr0n, but it’s dirty fun that you will enjoy if you can get over the gag reflex.