comic-2016-02-05-Anything-You-Can-Do.jpgGlad tidings ye filthy lovertine baggage of whoredom,

It is Singles Awareness Day and Valentine’s Day, which means that we are celebrating the festivities with the Valentine’s Day Sex Drive. We are so delighted to have your presence at our disgustingly delightful den of debauchery. We ran out of tea, crudites and biscuits, so will need to settle for testicles, a shaved cookie and three varieties of cocks, both natural and synthetic.  But enough of this chatter! You didn’t come here for talk,  you came here to cum.

If you’re into the polyamorous sleazes doing very naughty things, do check out today’s featured story, “Fuck Like A Feminist” at 1:30am Central Time. We are posting an entire webcomic chapter of 3 Dangly Bits for VDSD, and yes, it is very bit as mirthfully offensive and full of skank as you imagine it to be. Whether you are a sensitive Tumblrina, an uptight fundamentalist lunatic, a manly macho man, or just plain alive, there is something for everyone. Unless you are under 18. If that’s your age, GET THE FUCK OUT HERE YOU DUMB SHIT, ASSHOLES LIKE YOU ARE WHY WE GET CENSORSHIP!   But we digress.

We hope you have a lovely SAD/VD, and may you soon enjoy a visit from your friendly five-fingered helper soon!

The Pretentious Fucks at 3DB

Valentine’s Day Sex Drive 2016

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